5 Important Life Lessons to Learn from The Mighty Eagle

Without question, the eagle is one of the most fascinating birds in the world. For centuries they have been used as a national symbol in many countries including the United States.

Eagles are often seen as a symbol of courage, strength, freedom, leadership, power, and authority –  and are appraised to be the “king of the skies.”

There are two animals that God liked to identify Himself with when it comes to leadership, attitude, and dominion. These animals are the lion and the eagle.

The Mighty Eagle

Did you know you could learn a life lesson from the eagle? In fact, the most successful people practice these life lessons every day and we are going to cover 5 of them.

Let’s learn about this mysterious yet powerful bird that leaves people amazed when they see them, shall we?

5 Important Life Lessons to Learn from The Mighty Eagle

1. The eagle has a clear vision

Eagles are known for their strong vision, eagle’s vision is one of the sharpest in the animal kingdom. They can spot their prey about 5 km away! 

They are very keen on their sharp focus, never allowing anything to distract them when they are hunting for their prey.

When they see what they want, they will strive to get it, and will not stop until they get what they want.

When an eagle is hungry, the fish, the little mammals, and even the cats got to watch out, because the “king of the skies” has arrived!

Life lesson: Have a vision for your life, a clear and distinct one. Don’t just wander in life allowing life’s circumstances have control over you. 

Hunt for the prey, don’t become the prey. Here’s a lesson: People who have no vision will become servants in other people’s vision. That is why so many people are employed rather than deployed.

5 Important Life Lessons to Learn from The Mighty Eagle Revision: One of the Most Powerful Tools to Help You Change Your Life

Here’s another lesson, an ancient one: Where there is no vision, the people perish. Proverbs 29:18 (KJV)

In other words, if we don’t have a vision for our life, we have no discipline or self-control.

If we don’t have a vision for our country, then may God have mercy on the chaos and destruction that will bring on a country.

If we don’t have a vision for our business or for our family, then it will bring chaos and disorder to our family and business.

2. The eagle flies alone at high altitudes

Eagles often times fly alone, being territorial birds of prey, they only like to fly with their own kind.

You’ll rarely see an eagle flying with pigeons or any small birds, and you’ll never see them hanging around with the chickens.

I guess they are pretty narrow when it comes to friendship, not open to any company that is available.

They fly at very high altitudes, higher than any other birds, reaching up to 15.000 feet.

Life lesson: There are people who are at the bottom of life, going nowhere and reaching no goals. In many cases, people who are going nowhere want to take you along with them.

You have to spread your wings and fly like the eagle at greater heights than the people at the bottom before they drag you down with them.

Stay away from narrow minded people, who believe life to be about survival and not living. 

Who don’t invest their time in discovering and pursuing their dreams, but waste it on pleasures and doing nothing with their lives, and stay away from negative people.

Here is a hard lesson: When you discover your vision and dream, you will become solitary. No one or rather few will understand and encourage you to your desired destiny. It’s just a harsh truth we have to face.

Let’s face it, no one will come up to you and say that your idea is going to be a great success. Many would rather doubt your ideas, for they cannot see as far and as clearly as you see them.

Keep company with like-minded people, those who are going somewhere, those who can fly with you and not bring you down.

As the saying goes, you become whomever you hang around with. 

Therefore choose your company wisely, and don’t just be open to any friendship that is available – choose wisely, it will save you time on frustration and disappointments.

“Walk with the wise and become wise.” – Proverbs 19:20 (NIV)

3. The eagle doesn’t leave the nest until it’s not hungry enough.

When the adult eagles are teaching their eaglets to fly, they would swoop by the nest with a fresh kill.

Usually, they would bring the food to the little eaglets and share. 

However, when an eaglet is ready for independence, the parent would instead land near the nest, putting pressure on the little eaglet.

Whenever the little eaglets get hungry enough, they are pressured to venture out of the nest where their parents are so they can get a share of their food.

Life lesson: Maybe some of you are still in your nest in life– still living in your comfort zone. You feel like the little eaglet who thinks he can’t fly out of his nest. 

He is waiting for someone to come to him with the food, or someone to encourage him out of his nest.

Although that does not happen, therefore he has to make a tough decision and force himself out of his soft and comfortable nest.

The thing is, he only goes out of his nest if he is hungry enough, otherwise, he doesn’t see the point.

5 Important Life Lessons to Learn from The Mighty Eagle Nothing Changes for the Better Unless You Do the Work

If you want to leave your comfort zone, you have to become hungry.

If you want to become successful in life, you have to become hungry enough, which will drive you to pursue it.

Don’t wait for someone to encourage you, help you out of your comfort zone, or get rid of your destructive habits – get out yourself, or it will be too late!

4. The eagle uses challenges as opportunities.

While all the other birds flee the storms, the eagles fly directly into them. It helps them to gain altitude, rest their wings and glide higher without having to use their own energy.

Life lesson: Challenges always seem to be overwhelming, especially when you are creating something new in life or starting your growth process.

Whenever the eagle sees the storm, it gets excited, for it sees it as an opportunity to rest its wings.

Whatever challenge or obstacle you are facing, don’t freak out like the pigeons and the chickens. Use the storms in your life to glide higher and become better.

5. The eagle is Fearless.

Have you ever seen an eagle at work? Being incredibly intelligent and having cunning abilities, they are absolutely fearless.

Eagles don’t only attack fish and small mammals, they have also been seen attacking wolves, crocodiles, foxes, sharks, goats, deer, bears, and even lions.

Of course, they have not always succeeded, but we can give them the credit for such courage!

Life lesson:  In our narrow minds, we would think that eagles are insane in even considering attacking such huge and dangerous creatures as a lion or a bear.

The surprising part is they know they could fail, but they do it anyway – they would do anything for food.

“When people fall down, don’t they get up again? When they discover they’re on the wrong road, don’t they turn back?”~ Jeremiah 8:4 (NLT)

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Successful people are often considered crazy for going after huge opportunities or having ideas that seem impossible.

Most successful people are not afraid of failures, in fact, they understand that failure is part of the process of success.

Perhaps you have an idea that seems impossible to imagine, or maybe you see an opportunity you fear you don’t qualify for.

No matter the size, attack it as the eagle would. Become courageous, and don’t fear the possible failures you may face along the way. Because in the end, you will succeed!

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”~ Albert Einstein

And there you have it, the 5 powerful life lessons we can learn from the eagles. There is so much more we can learn from this fascinating bird, but today I only covered the five most important.

I encourage you to apply these lessons to your life, for I promise you your life will drastically change for the better.

Let’s together spread our wings and soar like eagles, and together make a change in our lives and others along the way!


Ásta Sóllilja

Ásta is the founder of kingdommastery.org. She’s on her journey to help people find their life’s purpose, discover their great potential, and step into mastery. 

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